NEMANJA RAĐEN (water polo coach)

Water polo coach of the club in Israel.
Since 2015, he has been living and working in Israel, where besides training his popular water polo club,
he continued his career with A Water Polo, where he is also one of the trainers.
2017. He became a member of the Number One team, but he also won gold at the Maccabiah Games – the Israeli Olympic Games.


NIKOLA POPOVIĆ (water polo coach)

Nikola is a professional water polo player
with over 20 years of playing and coaching experience.
He played on several continents and countries such as:
• Italy-R.N. Sori,
• Serbia-water polo club Šabac, Belgrade,
• Brazil- N.A. Paulistano,
• United States of America – Golden West College, Orange Coast College,
• France-Club Montpellier,
• Israel – Palmer Zvulun, Petah Tiqwa
• Turkey – water polo club Enka.
Leading scorer in the Italian A2 league Nord.
Israeli Cup Winner 2009/2010 with Palmar Zvulun.
Champions League with Montpellier.

MARKO PANTOVIĆ (water polo coach)

He is a graduate professor of sport and physical education
at the Faculty of Sport, Psychology and tourism, Belgrade.
Completed master studies at UCAM University in Spain.
• From 2014 to 2016, work with women’s water polo team of Serbia.
• A longtime associate in teaching at the TIMS faculty in Novi Sad.
• Coach in water polo club Vojvodina – coach of younger categories,
trainer of all women’s categories including the first team.
• Coach at the water polo club Murcia from Spain.
• Coach ASC Sirens, Malta; won the title of vice champion of the state.
He is currently engaged in diagnostics of
training of athletes as well as their physical preparation.


DIANA TIMOTIJEVIĆ (water polo coach)

From 2005 to 2009 she was a member of the Serbian national team
in synchronous and artistic swimming.
• 2007. she was named the most successful athlete of the year.
• 2008. In parallel with the synchronous,
she began to train water polo,
• 2009. became a member of the junior water polo team of Serbia,
• 2010. year with a junior water polo team in Portugal won
the bronze medal of the same year
at the Junior European Championship in Ukraine.
• 2017. She became coach in BC Partizan,
In the same year as the head coach won
the national championship for boys born in 2006
• 2017. She also won the Trophy of Belgrade

NIKOLA RAĐEN (proffesional water polo coach)

Before water polo, he was playing football, karate, hockey and folklore.

He began playing water polo when he was eleven (11)
for water polo team Vojvodina in Novi Sad. Besides Vojvodina,
he also played for Partizan, Hios, Crvena zvezda, Olympiakos.
Currently he plays for Russian water polo team Dinamo from Moscow.
Nikola Radjen is one of the best Serbian water polo players
and winner of many trophies. Some of them are:
• World Championship 2009 gold medal, 2011 silver medal
• European Championship 2012 and 2014 gold medal,
• 2008 silver medal, 2010 bronze medal
• Olympic games 2008 and 2012 bronze medal
• World League 2008, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014 gold medal,
2009 bronze medal
• World Cup 2010 gold medal
• Mediterranean games: 2005 bronze medal, 2009 gold medal
• Universiade 2005 gold medal

IGOR MILANOVIĆ (champion challenge water polo coach)

Retired Serbian water polo player who had an illustrious professional career spanning twenty years.
He is now a water polo coach.He played a total of 349 games
for the Yugoslav national team, scoring 540 goals.
In June 2009, Milanovic was named the head coach of Partizan Raiffeisen.
In 2011 as a head coach of Partizan Raiffeisen,
he won the Euroleague Championship.
• World Championship 1986. and 1991. gold medal
• Olypmpic Games 1984. and 1988. gold medal
• European Championship 1991. gold medal, 1985., 1987., and 1989. silver medal
• World Cup 1987. and 1989. gold medal Mediterranean games 1991 silver medal

ANASTASIA KHOLOD (synchronized swimming coach)

Anastasia started to do synchronized swimming when she was 6th years old.
She is multiple champion of Russia and Russian Cup holder.
In 2010 she graduated from Russian State Sport University.
She has more than 12 years of experience in this job.
Synchronized swimming is one of the most popular sport in Russia , and of course one of the most successful.
Russian “mermaids” has won almost all gold medals from 2000 until now.


VANJA BOKUN POPOVIĆ (mindset coach)

Vanja Bokun Popovic is an international mentor, coach and author in the realm of advanced psychology.  She is passionate about uncovering the intelligent technologies of the human mind, which make extraordinary individuals different from other people, and teaching them to others.  She is looking forward to serving young athletes at the Number One Camp through the tested program of workshops, tools, and techniques, which will help them to integrate and embody the knowledge gained from the Champions.  What Vanja’s professional experience in working with the Olympians confirms is that sports changes us forever – whether a person only engages in school athletics or elite competitions.  If we adopt the champion mindset early in life – there is NOTHING that prevents us from being, doing, and having anything that we want later in life.  Vanja is an experienced water polo player and NCAA athlete (Division I and II, All America Academic Team).  She is a candidate for a doctorate of psychology in the United States, a holder of three Master’s degrees in psychology and pedagogy, and a holder of Bachelor’s in Business and Management.  All of Vanja’s work at the Camp will be delivered bilingually – in English and Serbian.