Number One

The camp will be led by the best coordinators, top coaches and champions who have proved themselves many times as “number one”. “Number One” water sports camp is unique and special and combines three water sports:

1.Water polo


3.Synchronized swimming



The camp is designed for boys and girls from 7 to 16 years, and the second season will be held in Vrnjacka Banja in the period from 6 July to 30 July 2019. In the second season, we will present a new training program:

All participants in the Water Sports Camp will have a unique opportunity to meet our Olympic champions, top athletes, who will be VIP guests of the camp.

If you want your children to learn from the best, and one day become number one, then the water sports camp “Number ONE” is the right place to teach them how to become champions and the best of the best.

Learn the real skills of water polo from your role models, get new friends, develop a team spirit, a sense of fair play, and most important of all – to learn how to achieve your goals through victories and defeats.



Last week will be dedicated to the best of the best. A group of 50 participants will have the opportunity to train with the best player and the best coach ever –Igorom Milanovićem.


Belgrade / Pančevo

The camp will be organized with the assistance and support from the city of Belgrade/Pančevo.

Belgrade is the capital of Serbia, and has a population of around 1.6 million. It is one of the oldest cities in Europe and has since ancient times been an important focal point for traffic, an intersection of the roads of Eastern and Western Europe.

Kalemegdan is a crown jewel of Belgrade. It’s a beautiful green area and a fortress with an impressive view over the Sava and Danube confluence. Its name is formed from the two Turkish words: “Kale” (meaning “fortress”) and archaic word of Turkish origin “megdan” (meaning “battlefield”).

KalemegdanDue to extraordinary circumstances and insufficient number of children, advance payment will be returned to payers.