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Serbian water polo player, he had 20 years a superb career. Currently, he is a water polo coach. Total played 349 matches for the Yugoslavia national water polo team, for which he scored 540 goals. in June 2009, Milanovic was appointed for the head coach water polo club Partizan. 2011 with his team won the European Championship in water polo.

• World Cup 1986 and the 1991 Gold Medal
• Olympic Games in 1984 and 1988 gold medal
• European Championship gold medal in 1991, 1985, 1987, and 1989 silver medal
• World Cup in 1987 and 1989 Gold Medal
• Mediterranean Games 1991 silver medal
• Universiade 1985 gold medal


He started training water polo at club Vojvodina Novi Sad, when he was eleven years old. In addition to Vojvodina, he played for Partizan, Hios, Red Star, Olympiacos, Dynamo. Nikola Radjen is one of the best Serbian water polo player and winner of numerous awards.
Some of them are:

• World Championship, 2009. gold medal, 2011. silver medal
• European Championship, 2012. and 2014. gold medal, 2008. silver medal, 2010. bronze medal
• Olympic games, 2008. and 2012. bronze medal
• World Championship, 2008., 2010., 2011., 2013., 2014. gold medal, 2009. bronze medal
• World Cup, 2010. gold medal
• Mediterranean games, 2005. bronze medal, 2009. gold medal
• Universiade, 2005. gold medal


Tanja Nikočev is graduated from the Faculty of Sports and Physical Education, University of Belgrade. She has been in a professional sports for many years, which has additionally stimulated her interest in this field and has continued to improve in it.

From 2018.year Tanja is coordinator water polo club Wind Sport, with Number one club, she has worked with many athletes and eminent coaches. in her work she is especially focused on coordination activities, and on planning the strategy of work of the water polo club Wind Sport, and the water sports camp Number One. She was Organized the second and third season of the international water sports camp.


He has been an active player for about 10 years.

Partizan child, played for Serbia national team – 4 nations tournament and Azerbaijan national team – European Championship 2016.

During his career, he played in water polo clubs: Partizan (2008-2014), and Red Star (2014-2018) – A1 Regional Water Polo League. He is currently a student at the Faculty of Sport.


Peter is a longtime Serbian national team player, played for all young teams, and with the national team won gold at the Balkan Games and second place in the tournament Darko Čukic.

Currently, he is a player for first team Partizan and student of the Faculty of sport, plays on the position of the left and right-back.


Matija has been an active water polo player for 14 years, spent all 14 years in Partizan. He played for the national team of Serbia in junior teams, with the junior team, won the gold medal at the European Olympic Games in Baku in 2015. Matija plays as a goalkeeper.


Water polo coach of the national team of New Zealand.

– Since 2015, lives and works in Israel, where, in addition to training their popular water polo team, his career continued with A water polo selection, which is also one of the coaches.
– in 2017 he became a member of the Number One team, but he won gold at the Israeli Olympics.
– 2018 national coach of New Zealand


Anja Živković graduated from the Department of Psychology at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade. She has been active in the field of clinical psychology for about 15 years, and for a little over a decade she has been working as a psychotherapist, constantly educating herself in the aforementioned fields in the country and abroad. The work is especially focused on the unbreakable connection between the body and the psyche, which she studies beyond the boundaries of psychology itself, which is very important for the development of young athletes.

Anja has been part of the Number One team since 2019 and has used psychology, psychotherapy, meditation, breathing and relaxation techniques in her approach to children and adolescents.