Number One is a water sports camp that will be realized by the best coordinators, top coaches and champions who have proven to be the number one at many competitions!

For the 4th year in a row, camp participants will have a unique opportunity to meet our gold Olympic champions, hang out and train with them, as well as some of the most prominent coaches.

If you want your children to work with the best coaches, educators, trainers, and someday become number one, then the Number One water sports camp is the right place to learn how to become a champion and the best of the best.

Campers will also have an opportunity to meet and socialize with other big names from the world of sports who will be guests of Number One camp.

Participants will get to know their role models, learn from them, gain new friends, but also develop a team spirit, a sense of fair play and, most importantly, learn how to reach their goals through victories and defeats.

Sign up for one of the 3 sports and come hang out!